My name is Adam Levy and I have been passionate about photography for as long as I can remember. For what once seemed like a fascinating hobby is turning into something so much more. I completed 5 years in college majoring in photography and I love pretty much any element on film, whether its beautiful landscapes and detailed nature of this Earth, the emotions of your wedding day, or simply the personality of a graduate who is ready to take on the world. Over the past few years I have been blessed enough to go on some amazing trips and follow my passion to capture amazing scenery throughout the US. In the future I look to step beyond the borders and explore this world even more. I believe the good Lord has given us talents to give back and glorify Him in return, and I have always sought beauty from behind the lens so that I can share it with others. I hope to be doing business with you and that I can fulfill all your photography needs.


God Bless!!

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